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Kerra Moriyama always goes as Kerra-Chan

Name: Kerra Moriyama

Age: 14

Date of Birth: April 1, 1998

Origin: Konohagakure

Elements: Fire and Water.

Appearance: LOOK AT THE PIC!!!!!!!! -------->

Likes: Chocolate, cake, and stabbing trees

Dislikes: Strangers and most question

Kerra was born to a poor family in the outer parts of the Leaf Village she didn't care that she never had enough money or toys as a child. Her reason for becoming a ninja was as she grew older she heard stories of how her father and mother had help when Konoha need the help most. Since her parents died helping the village when she was 9 she thought she would do the same and leave her own mark on the world just like her parents.

The fact that she is part cat has never fazed her nor the fact that her parents weren't, few times she tried asking the Hokage she was refused an answer or was turned down. She is now a secret ANBU captain and has been since the age of 12 though no one knows this a few suspect this. People know her as merely a Chunnin level student.

She excels in speed, Jutsus and offensiveness though her aim could be improved as could her genjutsu and defense. She prefers darker colors and the night to the day and bright colors. She normally wears a black sleevles shirt and black jeans or shorts with fingerless gloves and her Konoha head band with a slash through it around her neck with her hair let loose. She rarely wears her ANBU outfit unless on a private mission from the Hokage or anyone else.

When she turned 13 she defected from the village and roamed around only to come back a year later and enroll into Konoha High. Even though she is a student at Konoha High she works for almost anyone if they have a logical reason for their request. She is rather loyal to her friends always adding the honorific san or chan at the end of their name.