Setsuko grew up in a town near the Leaf Village with her older brother. Her father was a famous tailor, and her mother was known very well for her knowledge of medicine and foreign lands.  She has a little tiger pet named Tinzi.


Setsuko (Tinzi is on her right shoulder)


With bright green hair and red eyes, Setsuko has a very unusual appearance. Her clothing normally consists of something she made or a traditional outfit passed down to her.  Setsuko was never one to care about fashion though. The only reason she wears such clothing is because father was a tailor. Even though she is around 15 or 16, Setsuko is very small.


Setsuko is a very sweet girl with a bubbly personality who tries her best to help others. She is also known to be a little hyper, but serious at the same time. When Setsuko is sad she hides in a tree and doesn’t speak to anyone. When she is mad, she’ll avoid everyone and not smile for a week.  Setsuko also doesn’t really like to fight unless it is needed.

Past friendsEdit

Setsuko never really had any friends because her parents were too strict and never let her out of their traditional house. Setsuko always wanted to go outside and play with the other kids but was always stuck either learning how to make clothing or was being forced to learn about foreign lands and affairs. Her first friend was a boy who she only met once during a summer festival, in which Setsuko was allowed to go to since she had been doing well in her studies. When she first saw the boy he was crying over a little injured tiger under a tree. Setsuko had helped the boy heal the tiger. She and the boy soon spent the whole day together and watched fireworks after it all. The boy had given the little tiger to Setsuko as a gift. She never got the boy’s name, but she still oddly remembers him. ((I doubt I’ll rp as him. XP))


Traumas in total are four.

The first was Setsuko walking in on her father cheating on her mother.

The second was Setsuko watching her grandfather kill her grandmother after an argument, he tried to go after her too but she was saved by her father.

The third was watching her older brother, Togi, be mauled by a bear.

The last one was watching her mother die from an illness.