Ubare Suzuma

Name: Ubare Suzuma

Age: 15

Date of Birth: March 16, 1997

Origin: Sunagakure

Elements: Fire and Wind

Appearance: ------------------------------->

Likes: Swords and cake

Dislikes: Alot of things

Ubare has been an orphan since she could remember. Since she had been traveling the nations looking for a home, she enrolled into Konoha High when she meet Kerra and was convinced to stay by her. Little is known about her except she always likes a good long fight. Since her closest friend is Kerra she would fight for her and for her other friends at Konoha High. She can come off as rather mean and cold as she tends to be sarcastic at times. 

When Ubare fights she usually dodges and/or lets a person hit her to analyze their speed and strength. Many times she will use illusions before she even begins a fight or spar.